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Safe channel whistleblowing system

q.beyond AG accords the utmost priority to ensuring lawful conduct. Such conduct is the key prerequisite for any long-term business relationship which is based on trust. q.beyond therefore aims to prevent any conduct which infringes the relevant laws, internal guidelines or our own code of conduct wherever and whenever such inappropriate conduct may arise. 

q.beyond AG has implemented its SAFE CHANNEL whistleblowing system in accordance with the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK). With SAFE CHANNEL, q.beyond AG enables all external parties and all its employees to report any suspected cases of misconduct. The system guarantees confidentiality and also enables tip-offs to be submitted anonymously. Specially trained individuals who are obliged to maintain confidentiality (e.g. data protection officer, ombudsman) consistently follow up any legitimate and sufficiently specific tip-offs received.

Please use the SAFE CHANNEL to submit your tip-off.