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CeBIT 2011: QSC cloud project triumphs in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology's technology competition

Development of "SensorCloud" for interconnected sensors, steering data and applications to be supported by three-year grant from the BMWi

Cologne, March 1, 2011. A consortium under the leadership of QSC AG has won an innovation prize in connection with the "Trusted Cloud" competition organized by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Over the coming years the consortium will be using a multi-million euro grant awarded by BMWi to develop a "SensorCloud". The "SensorCloud" is a central and highly scalable platform for interconnected sensors and steering applications.

In a large and highly competitive competition of 115 high-caliber consortiums, the SensorCloud plan succeeded in securing a top position. In addition to QSC AG, the consortium includes RWTH Aachen University, Cologne University of Applied Sciences ("Fachhochschule Köln"), symmedia GmbH, and the Dillenburger group.

"This award by the Federal Ministry of Economics shows that QSC is already ahead of the game in the development of cloud applications when it comes to know-how and creativity. Medium-term, this is going to enable QSC to tap into new markets, which clearly shows that our transformation from a network operator to an ICT services provider is well underway," commented Bernd Schlobohm, CEO of QSC AG, on the company's successes.

Efficient storage and processing of sensor data

The "SensorCloud" is opening up entirely new possibilities to record, store and process measurement data from a broad range of industries and fields of application - from environment to traffic, energy, production machines or mobility. Up to now, measurement data in these areas have been stored in separate systems.

The "SensorCloud" enables immediate access to, and multidimensional use and utilization of the aforementioned data, thus allowing for entirely new combination possibilities, work flows and value chains across local boundaries. That way, "SensorCloud" is making a significant contribution to the "Internet of things."

Huge market potential of "SensorCloud"

According to the AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V. industry association, Germany is among the world's leading countries in sensor technology. As of today, there are already approximately 800 manufacturers of industrial measurement systems. In addition, approximately 2,000 further companies are active in the sensor technology business, including resellers, engineering offices, specialized service providers and institutes, employing nearly 230,000 staff directly in measurement technology and generating revenue of approximately € 28bn to € 35bn. It has been found that - when compared on a global scale - Germany's particularly strict data protection rules are a true competitive advantage: all data stored in Germany are said to be particularly secure.

Scientific support of the project

The project has received scientific support from RWTH Aachen and Cologne University of Applied Sciences ("FH Köln"). In this project, RWTH Aachen is primarily focusing on software engineering and efficient design of cloud software as well as - from a sociological point of view - how cloud computing is perceived and accepted in general. FH Köln's major focus in this project is on embedded systems, data bases and algorithms. symmedia GmbH will be developing a reference implementation in the area of steering industrial machines - such as cranes - and the Dillenburger group will be driving forward the integration of energy management in buildings into the "SensorCloud".

The BMWi "Trusted Cloud" Technology Program

The "Trusted Cloud" Technology Program of the Federal German Ministry of Economics and Technology provides some € 50m in support for the development and testing of innovative, secure and legal cloud computing services. This grant is matched by funding input from the participating companies, making a total of some € 100m available. The BMWi "Trusted Cloud" Technology Program is part of the Action Program on Cloud Computing, which was launched in October 2010 by BMWi together with partners from science and commerce.

QSC - ICT solutions for small and mid-size enterprises

QSC AG is one of the leading service providers for voice and data communication, as well as the ICT services that build upon them. Established in 1997, the company has been focusing on small and mid-size business customers. QSC is the first provider to operate an Open Access platform, which unites a wide range of broadband technologies to offer national and international site networking, including Managed Services. QSC additionally supplies its customers and distribution partners with a comprehensive product portfolio that can be modularly adapted to every need. QSC was the first provider in Germany to build its own Next Generation Network (NGN), and therefore enjoys long years of experience in connection with IP-based telephony solutions, in particular. QSC employs a workforce of some 700 people and has been listed on the TecDAX index since 2004.

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