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Existing QSC Shareholder Baker Capital Distributes Its Remaining QSC Shares to Shareholders

Cologne, March 15, 2012. The US investment firm Baker Capital has informed QSC that it has distributed all of its remaining 25,247,242 QSC shares (amounting to 18.4 percent of QSC shares) to shareholders of the closed-end fund which has existed for well over ten years. This mainly involves institutional investors as well as family offices in the US who are geared toward the long term. Baker Capital invested in QSC in 1999 before its IPO, and already distributed nearly 8.3 million QSC shares to the shareholders as part of a distribution in February 2011. With this transaction, the amount of QSC shares in free float increases to 79.8 percent; the two founders, Dr. Bernd Schlobohm and Gerd Eickers, each hold 10.1 percent.

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