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MAINGAU Energie to become telecommunications provider as well by drawing on Plusnet services

  • Energy provider to offer VDSL with up to 250 Mbit/s in future
  • Smart extension to Plusnet network based on existing infrastructure

Cologne, 19 March 2019 – MAINGAU Energie, a German energy provider with nationwide operations, will in future also be offering broadband services to its customers. To this end, MAINGAU Energie will be working with a full-service package from QSC’s Plusnet subsidiary. This covers all aspects from the provision of basic services to a white-label platform for marketing through to customer services. To provide broadband services, Plusnet will be using its existing main distribution framework (MDF) infrastructure and extending this for interconnection purposes with new regional distribution centres (broadband network gateways – BNGs).

“In future, we will be supplying our customers not only with energy-related services, but also with broadband and telephony. For these TC services, Plusnet is the ideal partner. It will enable us to extend our portfolio in a way that makes economic sense while also ensuring our customers receive top-quality broadband services”, comments Richard Schmitz, Managing Director of MAINGAU Energie.

Meaningful extension to Plusnet’s infrastructure

In technical terms, Plusnet will provide the VDSL services by drawing for the first time on an extension to its network services. These will initially be available on a regional basis. To this end, Plusnet will be upgrading the functionality of its MDFs in the Frankfurt area to facilitate network interconnection based on Layer 2 BSA (bitstream access). This will enable MAINGAU Energie to provide VDSL services with speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s far more economically than by working with direct network interconnections based on Layer 3 BSA. On a nationwide basis, MAINGAU Energie will be providing DSL with 16 Mbit/s from the outset.

Dietmar Becker, Head of Business Development at Plusnet, a QSC AG company, adds: “This smart extension to the network will enable us to access new markets and provide regional and nationwide suppliers with the full range of TC and broadband services.”

Plusnet will also be providing the energy supplier with its white label marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) solution. This way, MAINGAU Energie will be able to integrate the new offering directly into its own website and fully automate the related order processes. Furthermore, Plusnet will also take care of customer service (first-level support).

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