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Munich Airport monitors energy consumption using energy cameras from Q-loud

  • Optimised energy management for major consumer
  • Narrowband IoT enables cameras to be used at less accessible locations
  • Joint project between Telefónica Deutschland, Huawei and Q-loud to be presented at Hannover Messe trade fair

Cologne, 19 April 2018 – To further enhance its energy efficiency, Munich Airport is conducting a trial project and equipping its electricity and gas meters with energy cameras from Q-loud, a subsidiary of QSC AG. The energy cameras digitise analogue energy meters by scanning the meter readings by camera and text recognition (OCR) and then securely transmitting these readings at brief intervals to Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform. Munich Airport is using the information to gain a more exact overview of its various forms of energy consumption and detect potential optimisation measures. 

Live use of NB-IoT at Munich Airport

The new narrowband IoT transmission standard (NB-IoT) is being used to transmit the data. “This technology makes it possible to transmit data in low-frequency bands”, explains Frank Thelen, Q-loud’s Managing Director. “The main benefits of this are the low volume of energy consumed by the transmitting appliances and the fact that data can also be transmitted from less accessible sites such as those often found in exhibition halls or at industrial plants.” Not only that, the technology is based on the existing LTE standard, which means that no extra infrastructure has to be put in place. Q-loud has extended its energy cameras with NB-IoT functionality and configured Huawei’s OceanConnect platform to collect the data. Telefónica Deutschland has implemented the NB-IoT standard in its LTE network at Munich Airport specifically for this pilot project.

Networking IoT appliances at the airport in this way presents a special challenge. The appliances have to function over widespread areas and in different building structures, while strict security standards have to be met and the various frequency ranges already in use may not be disrupted. “The first live deployment of narrowband IoT appliances in Germany shows that the technology has already proven itself and is ready for widespread use. NB-IoT can be used to network appliances which previously could not be networked in a way which made technological or economic sense. This technology will significantly increase the number of IoT use cases,” adds Frank Thelen from Q-loud. 

Increased energy efficiency with no need to exchange meter infrastructure 

Q-loud’s energy cameras are in use at numerous companies and organisations interested in automating their meter readings and recording the data more frequently than in yearly manual meter readings. Based on the data obtained, companies are able, for example, to precisely detect any excess energy consumption. Not only that, more exact energy data collection also helps companies to launch energy management systems pursuant to ISO DIN ISO 50004 or 50015. The energy cams can transmit the data in various wireless standards, including WLAN, long range wide area network (LoRaWAN) and now also narrowband IoT (NB-IoT). 

Further information on the Q-loud EnergyCam.


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