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New Chief Financial Officer at QSC

Cologne, March 31, 2009 - Today Jürgen Hermann (45) was appointed to the Management Board of QSC AG effective April 1, 2009, and in this function will assume the responsibilities of Markus Metyas (46) effective May 1, 2009.

Hermann, who holds a postgraduate degree in business administration, began his career at QSC in 1997 when the company was founded as a privately held consulting firm. In charge of the finance department, he has been responsible for helping to shape the entire build-up of the company, from its pre-IPO financing to the initial public offering and right through until today. His extremely profound knowledge of all external and internal business processes at QSC will now serve him well in further strengthening QSC's value and profitability as an independent, medium-size player in the German telecommunications market. Prior to joining QSC, Hermann, who has years of expertise in the telecommunications market, had served in an executive capacity in the strategy department of Thyssen Telecom AG.

"I have come to know Jürgen Hermann as an outstanding financial expert and as a partner in implementing our strategic and operative objectives. I now look forward to an even closer collaboration between us," notes Dr. Bernd Schlobohm, Chief Executive Officer of QSC AG, in connection with Hermann's appointment to the Management Board. Herbert Brenke, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, stresses: "Over the years, Jürgen Hermann has earned our complete confidence. With him, QSC has won an especially competent financial expert as a Management Board colleague."

Markus Metyas, who had held this function since QSC's initial public offering in the year 2000, had decided not to seek a further extension of his contract due to personal reasons, allowing him to address new challenges outside QSC. "As a seasoned Merger & Acquisitions and Financing expert, Markus Metyas has been driving QSC's often explosive growth from the company's IPO right through to its first positive net income in 2008 with enormous expertise, enthusiasm and commitment. We would like to express our sincere thanks to him for this remarkable achievement," explains Dr. Bernd Schlobohm, Chief Executive Officer of QSC AG. Supervisory Board Chairman Herbert Brenke adds: "Over the course of the past nine years, Markus Metyas has played a major role in helping to shape QSC's growth from five to now more than 400 million euros in revenues, and was a major factor in bringing QSC into the profitability zone."

Jürgen Hermann (born in 1964) studied Economics from the University of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg until 1988. During and after his studies, he continued his leadership career as an officer in the German Army Signal Corps in Germany and the United States. Until 1996, he had served in an executive capacity in the strategy department of Thyssen Telecom AG, where he was already working closely with the future founders of QSC, Dr. Bernd Schlobohm and Gerd Eickers.

Markus Metyas (born in 1963), graduated in Economics at the University of St. Gallen in 1988, and then went on to specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Market Financing over the course of his banking career at the Chase Manhattan, Wasserstein Perella and Morgan Stanley. He was appointed Chief Financial Officer of QSC AG in the year 2000.

About QSC
Cologne-based QSC AG (QSC) is a nationwide telecommunications provider with its own broadband network, offering businesses of all sizes and premium residential customers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality broadband communication options. QSC implements complete enterprise networks (VPNs), including managed services, operates voice and data services on the basis of its Next Generation Network (NGN) and provides leased lines in a wide variety of bandwidths - ranging all the way to 400 Mbit/s via microwave technology. In the Wholesale line of business, this network operator additionally supplies national and international carriers, ISPs as well as strong marketing partners in the residential customer market with unbundled DSL upstream products. QSC operates on a nearly nationwide scale, connects over 200 German cities with populations of more than 40,000 and currently employs a workforce of 700 people. QSC is listed on the TecDAX

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