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QS Communications AG Change in QSC Management Board - Gerd Eickers appointed COO

Cologne, 17.11.2000. The Supervisory Board of QSC AG, Cologne, Germany's leading provider of DSL infrastructure, has appointed Gerd Eickers, until now Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, to the newly-created position of Chief Operating Officer. Gerd Eickers resigned from his position on the Supervisory Board so that he could accept the appointment. In creating this new management post, QSC AG is responding to the rapid growth of its own proprietary network and of the DSL market as a whole. A founder of the company and an expert with many years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Eickers is the ideal choice for the position of Chief Operating Officer. The CEO of QSC AG, Bernd Schlobohm, will focus more intensively in future on the strategic direction set for the company.  After restructuring and redistribution of responsibilities among the members, Schlobohm will assume direct responsibility for marketing. Torsten Scheuermann, marketing and sales director on the QSC Management Board until now, is leaving the company.

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