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QSC acquires stake in aiXbrain GmbH and secures access to artificial intelligence for industry

  • Spin-off from IT institute at RWTH Aachen University
  • Self-learning software increases flexibility of industrial production
  • Acquisition complements QSC’s Cloud, SAP and IoT portfolio

Cologne, 7 November 2019 ― QSC AG has acquired 25.1 percent of the shares in aiXbrain GmbH, a specialist for artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing and has also secured rights to acquire a majority stake. By investing in aiXbrain, QSC will gain access to innovative software and development resources.

aiXbrain is a spin-off of the Institute for Theoretical Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University and develops AI modules and complete solutions for use in manufacturing. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mathar, a specialist in the development of complex information systems, heads the team of mathematicians, IT experts, and engineers. The aim is to develop self-learning software that enables the complexity of industrial processes to be digitally controllable and structured with maximum flexibility. aiXbrain software is already being used by companies in the metal and automotive industries.

The complexity of industrial processes is made digitally controllable

The background is as follows: All industry currently faces the challenge of having to meet individual customer wishes inexpensively and rapidly. This trend towards the differentiation and individualisation of products is increasing the complexity of industrial production. In the medium term, this will no longer be controllable using current methods.

The solution involves using artificial intelligence for the planning and real-time management of production activities. This is where aiXbrain comes in: Its self-learning software sees to the orchestration of highly complex production processes, minimises the input required, provides the necessary flexibility and thus boosts the productivity of production activities.

To achieve this, the aiXbrain software builds on the status quo for the respective production processes and seamlessly integrates solutions that are isolated in terms of their own processes into the overall production activity process. The same applies for the integration into the AI software of upstream and downstream processes and of applications from the worlds of SAP and IoT. Previously time-consuming and arduous coordination activities are now largely seen to by the smart, self-learning software solution.

AI increases the value added of all digital processes

Comments Jürgen Hermann, CEO of QSC AG, on the reasons for the investment in aiXbrain GmbH: “QSC already offers complex industry solutions. The AI software will extend the portfolio, smartly pool separate solutions and accelerate production.”

aiXbrain targets both manufacturers and their equippers, such as industrial automation specialists, as well as software and hardware manufacturers.

QSC’s current investment will provide aiXbrain with promising prospects: “QSC’s longstanding experience and expertise in digitalising German SMEs is undisputed. QSC is an expert in integrating hardware and software and in operating complex sector solutions. Its sales competence will also provide us with new growth opportunities”, stresses Dr. Alexander Engels, CEO of aiXbrain.

About QSC AG

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