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QSC enters voice/data partnership with nationwide fixed network operator

Cologne, July 25, 2000 - As of today, QSC AG will co-operate with the Stuttgart-based telecommunications company tesion.

The subsidiary of EnBW and Swisscom AG operates its own nationwide fixed-line telecommunications network and will offer its 50,000 registered customers broadband Internet access on the basis of QSC's nationwide DSL network. Under the terms of the agreement, tesion's residential and business customers can receive a permanent
("always-on") broadband data transmission line on the "last mile" allowing guaranteed data transfer rates of up to 2.3 MB/s into the internet.

In a second step, tesion, in close co-operation with QSC, will extend this service to combine voice and data services on a single DSL line, thus allowing its customers to reduce their total telecommunication cost considerably. As a result of this new partnership, QSC - Germany's first publicly listed alternative broadband infrastructure supplier -  is increasing its customer reach and market penetration significantly. Currently, the company has upgraded more than 500 central offices in over 30 cities with its SDSL technology,  that enables QSC to reach over 10 million potential broadband customers.

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