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QSC Management Board Member Markus Metyas increases shareholdings / 2002 Stock Option Plan expired

Cologne, April 11, 2008. From April 8 to 10, 2008, QSC's Chief Financial Officer Markus Metyas converted 500,000 convertible bonds granted under the terms of the 2002 Stock Option Plan (SOP) which he had held for five years into a corresponding number of QSC shares; the conversion rights granted by these convertible bonds would have expired on April 28, 2008. In order to pay for the exercise price as well as the taxes owed as a result of the conversion, he sold 380,326 shares during the above-mentioned period in the public market. 119,674 shares were transferred into his personal account, and following the conclusion of this transaction, Mr. Metyas holds 231,981 QSC shares.

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