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QSC signs long-term co-operation agreement with media[netCom]

Cologne, 20.11.2001. QSC AG, Germany's professional DSL provider, has concluded a framework agreement for content exploitation with Marburg-based media[netCom] AG. media[netCom] is a leader in the field of broadband communication for digital media technologies. QSC will provide its customers with access to a digital film library using the media[net]com "video on demand" technology. The film library will be installed in QSC's Metropolitan Service Centers, thus enabling feature films to be downloaded and viewed in near TV quality.

The agreement allows QSC unlimited use of the "video on demand" (VoD) technology platform as well as access to approx. 2500 feature films in the media[netCom] library. Proceeds generated from Marburg film library content will be split under a revenue sharing arrangement. In return for use of its technology platform, media[netCom] will receive a share of the revenues for content that QSC procures from other sources.

This agreement is another strategic step by QSC toward marketing DSL lines to private customers. QSC markets its services in 46 German cities. The company expects to have sold at least 40,000 DSL lines by the end of the year.

Background information:
QSC AG (QSC) is a professional DSL provider in Germany. This technology makes efficient use of the 'last mile' on the basis of unbundled network access, thus multiplying data traffic speeds by a factor of several times compared with standard subscriber connections. QSC offers its business and residential customers broadband 'always-on' connections to the Internet, with up and downstream data transfer rates going up to 2.3 Mbps. The company's broadband network covers the 40 largest cities in Germany and reaches more than 20 million potential users. Since April 2000, QSC has been listed on the Neuer Markt [QSC] segment of the Frankfurt stock exchange and the New York Nasdaq [QSCG]. The company's IPO increased the equity capital by more than EUR 280 million to over EUR 420 million.

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